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Pink, it’s a word, it’s a color. But to people experiencing or people who have experienced breast cancer, it’s so much more. To John A. Ferguson it’s an opportunity to showcase art in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month.

The Pink Project began last year, thanks to Derek Wilson, The visual arts department head, and Drawing teacher. Pink came about when the visual arts department acquired an exhibit space. According to Wilson, his next thought was, “let’s put on a show.” Pink came into existence when Wilson realized the non-profit organization he works with local, Badges of Courage, specifically raises money for breast cancer and women dealing with the disease and other financial burdens that are associated with dealing with the disease.

All in all, Pink was a success within itself. “It was a great turnout I would say, rough estimate, maybe a hundred-people coming and going, but it was the right a hundred people. That might not impress a club goer, but we had the right people there,” said Wilson. Pink raised over 700 dollars and has the potential to become about a thousand dollars if all else goes according to plan. Wilson shared, that they’re just trying to do their part and anything they can do to raise money and help breast cancer patients struggling with all that the disease comes with.

The artists are surely experiencing immense joy at the fact that Pink did so well. To them having someone else appreciate your talents besides your parents and your teachers is the highest form of validation an artist can receive. It assures them that they are doing the right thing and they are exactly where they need to be.

Wilson hopes that Pink and other shows that will occur will become an event that cannot be missed if you’re an artist. He emphasizes that they’re trying to keep it word of mouth, no advertising because he wants the right people there. The people who want to be there. And it’s always going to be a word of mouth situation, an event that’s unpredictable and you may never know what’s going to occur.

“In the art world, it’s short-lived, you can’t sit around for too long, it’s back on the horse and it’s onto the next show and prepping for that and prepping my students already for that,” he said. In the end, Wilson shared that he was exceedingly happy that Pink did so well.

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