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Senior GradBash: A Night of Fun and Reflection

Apr 09, 2024
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As the school year begins to draw to a close, the graduating class of 2024 begin to check out from their academics and indulge in the rewarding side of their seniority: exclusive spirit weeks, class trips, prom, and graduation. The most anticipated event of them all, known as GradBash, is set to take place this Friday, April 12th. 

GradBash is an all-day trip to Orlando where seniors are given the choice to park hop between the beloved amusement parks of Universal and Islands of Adventure in order to celebrate the hard work they applied throughout high school. 

“I am mostly anticipating having fun and making great memories with friends.” Leon Aladzeme expresses.

In the week leading up to GradBash, students prepare for the celebration by participating in an exclusive spirit week made specifically for them. Students dress up in their most dazzling attire, following unique themes such as senior citizen vs. kindergartners, walking yearbook, and priding themselves with the attire of their committed colleges.

Beginning their journey at eleven in the morning, students crowd into their chosen buses buzzing with excitement. Previous preparations leading up to the commencement of the event allows for the seniors to harmonize with their closest peers on the four-hour trip. They make plans on what rides to run to first, considering the high attendance. 

“My preparations for GradBash were both hectic and exciting.” Samantha Mckay states. “I wanted to make sure that me and my friends were all together on the same bus.” 

Once the bus arrives at Universal, students are given their tickets and granted access into the parks. From there, they are allowed to travel around the park in their leisure from the afternoon to the early hours of the morning. 

Universal and Islands of Adventure feature a wide selection of rides from people to select from. From embracing your inner superhero in the high-speed Incredible Hulk Coaster to escaping the wrath of the Imhotep in Revenge of the Mummy. The choice to park hop ensures that there is a ride for everyone. 

Students are encouraged to pick up trinkets to remember their trip. From hats to magical wands, the park has a wide variety of accessories for the graduates to select from. 

Of course, a set of regulations are expected to be adhered to during the event. This includes dress code, timeliness, and appropriate behavior.  

GradBash is one of many events that seniors can attend in order to make fond memories with their class and celebrate the commencement of their high school career.

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