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Thankful for a Week’s Rest

As many changes have affected our school, one becomes apparent as the air turns cold and the school approaches its second semester. More specifically, as Thanksgiving comes closer, and now, it promises to last for an entire week for students and teachers alike to rest. 

Naturally, mostly everyone in the school appreciates this, as it gives students more time to relax, focus more on their personal lives, and enjoy a break from the regular school cycle. Since, after all… “People need breaks”, shares Chidi Ofoleta, a 9th grader. 

“Most people will appreciate it,” says sophomore Ospaldum Arias, and rightfully so, as the daily struggles that are presented by each and every day of school — while educational and interesting, can quickly wear down a student’s work ethic and psyche, especially in prolonged periods of time without days off. Thankfully, however, the approaching break will serve as a great stopping point for everyone as the calendar year reaches its end. 

Understandably, Ferguson’s students that are now gaining more and more freedom in their lives, now are trying to figure out a good balance between their social life and their student life, this break thankfully helps with that, as everyone should appreciate the extra time that’s being given to take things a bit more slowly than usual. Even more so as Thanksgiving approaches.

“Some people have jobs or things to do and have time to spend with their family,” says senior Sabrina Quimero Ruiz. 

A very important part of said school-life balance is, of course, having enough energy to pass their day-to-day life, and when a proper sleep schedule begins mixing in with school, most people tend to forsake their valuable sleeping time, the oncoming break, however, helps this fact, as people will have one full week to rest as much as they’d like and come back to school the following week far better rested than before. “It’ll help me fix my sleep schedule,” commented Ofoleta. 

For the proactive and energized students that do not need this break as much as others, it still serves as a great opportunity to focus more on their future, specifically for seniors seeking to go to college, as with their last school year slowly but surely reaching its end they need time to focus their sights on that crucial next step, 

“Since I’m a senior it’ll help me focus more on college,” said senior Sabrina Ruiz. 

And so, as Christmas approaches and winter starts settling in, it’s important for everyone who attends John A. Ferguson to cherish these holidays and the breaks that come associated with them, as the time off from school that they give is what truly makes them special for students all the way from kindergarten, up to high schoolers. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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