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This Year’s Annual Ferguson’s Got Talent Show

The auditorium was buzzing with excitement as everyone anticipated the annual talent show, featuring a variety of talents such as singing and dancing. With jaw-dropping performances, this event promised an unforgettable evening for all.

Every performance mesmerized the audience in its own way. “It’s a very fun show where we have students from multiple academies perform and show up for their peers. As well as the audience vote for the best performance that brings it all together,” says Tabitha Sanabria, the Talent Show coordinator. Organizing a talent show where students can confidently face judges and peers is no easy task. Ms. Sanabria has been running the show for a while now and still manages to make it exceptional.

“Students showcased their talent. ‘From the start’ by Laufey is what I chose to sing. I’ve been singing since I was little, and it’s always been a passion if mine. The pressure of having judges honestly goes away when I’m doing what I’m passionate about. It’s my first year here at Ferguson so I’m sticking to my ‘You Only Live Once’ mentality,” says junior, Anela Armenis.

Every performance in the talent show is a magnificent tribute to the hard work, dedication, and courage of each performer who graces the stage. It’s truly satisfying to witness the participants going through their staging, feeling proud of their accomplishment. The talent show serves as a celebration of creativity, passion, and the limitless potential of our youth. We would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of this year’s show, Carlos Basulto, Jessica Estrella, Morena Espinosa, and Yarima Marjia.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of this year’s show, Carlos Basulto, Jessica Estrella, Morena Espinosa, and Yarima Marjia. First Place winner, Jessica Estrella says, “To prepare my voice I spent most of the week limiting how much I talked, which was very hard cause I’m a big talker. It was surreal, honestly, once the third and second place were announced, I thought that was it. Then everything went silent when my name was called.”

In the end, it wasn’t just about the great performances, but also about the relationships formed, preparations made, and memories created. We are very proud and happy to have such talented and amazing students who form part of our school.

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