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Three-Peat Victory: Falcons Obliterate District Volleyball Championship

In a victorious display of talent, dedication, and unfailing teamwork, the girls’ volleyball team has secured their third consecutive district championship! With a final score of 3-0, there is no denying they dominated the court. 

The girls, known for their spirit on and off the court, have become a source of immense Falcon pride for our school. The journey to this three-peat triumph was replete with challenging obstacles, thrilling games, and the unbreakable bonds that have created trust and support between athletes. 

“The feeling was bittersweet because it was my last district as a senior, but also happy because this is the third year winning in a row.”  Senior Setter, Mia Gonzalez, recounts.

As the girls soak in their success, they pave the way for future falcons and future district championships. Knowing no goal is too high where falcons fly, nothing is impossible, and their unwavering determination will undoubtedly lead them to even greater heights in the coming seasons. 

“We are all very proud of how our Senior season has turned out and hopefully we can win Regionals next.” Senior Libero, Kristyn Membreno, shares.

The Falcons take on Regionals next at The Cage against The Western Wildcats, make sure to attend and give them some support!

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