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Ways to Enjoy This Upcoming Spring Break

Mar 15, 2024
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Spring Break is a favorite time for many Falcons to enjoy themselves fully, whether they choose to stay at home or explore a new place. There are plenty of fun activities to do during this time. Let’s explore some of them together.

A great and productive plan to consider doing is starting your very own store. Karina Sanders in 9th grade will do just that. “Once spring break starts, I am considering making an online shop.” With this, you can easily make money at home while also giving you an experience of possible careers available to you.

Traveling is a common and exciting idea. Exploring new areas or visiting friends and family can create memorable experiences. Gabriella Forrero, a 12th-grade student shared, “I’ll be traveling with my family to Texas enjoying the cool weather.” Traveling is a great way to disconnect from reality, as it allows you to explore and experience new and exciting things. This can be a good way to escape your problems and create lasting memories.

A great way to unwind and have a good time is by staying at home. “I am planning to stay home watching movies, hanging out with my friends, and staying in my pool.” comments 12th-grade Stephanie Llerena. Staying indoors can be a great opportunity for engaging in fun and creative activities, as well as for enjoying some rest and alone time.

Students can stay ahead and improve their skills by practicing and learning new things. Johanna Vel from 12th grade states this “I’m going to be making study guides for all my IB exams so I can get ahead.” Planning ahead is an excellent way to boost confidence, increase knowledge, and secure a high score in the future.

Many others have decided to stay here and take advantage of the beautiful weather and beaches that Miami has to offer. “I am going to Miami beach with friends and family,” mentions 12 grader Angelly Launza. The beaches of Miami provide areas with clear waters and white sand, a perfect place for fun-filled activities.

During this upcoming break, take the time to both relax and create unforgettable memories. Let’s make the most of this well-deserved break.

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