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Yearly Pinning Ceremony for IB Juniors

On Wednesday, February 28th, our school held its yearly tradition of a pinning ceremony to recognize Junior students who are enlisted in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program as official candidates for the IB diploma. This tradition has been held ever since the international standard was established in our school.

As the name already reveals, this ceremony consists of the distribution of a distinctive pin with the emblem of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Eligible students are presented with this pin on their clothes at the school’s auditorium’s stage in this formal event which generates thrill and excitement among attendees and their families.

The reception of the pin is exclusive to juniors who are part of the IB program and maintain a GPA of 2.75 or above, which also happens to be the minimum requirement for the program. Students falling below this GPA threshold face probation within the program, and exclusion from this ceremony.

The event kicked off with a motivating speech vocalized by the school administration, emphasizing the significance of the very moment, and highlighting all the challenges of the academic journey that await students who chose IB as their course of study.

There are a lot of multicultural displays at Everything IB, and their ceremony is no different. As a part of the ceremony, participants symbolize the diverse student body by reciting the IB mission statement in English, Spanish, and sometimes in students’ native languages. According to Ms. Graham, in previous ceremonies, the mission statement has been read in languages like German, Urdu, and Mandarin.

Upon being called to the stage, administration members position students’ pins on their upper chests with pride. Volunteer Senior students who also partake in the IB program bestow the honor to their younger classmates as a symbol of unity, legacy, and mentorship.

The pin – on top of counting with the glossy, vibrant IB logo – also comes engraved with the slogan “School of the World”. The engraving ends up surrounding the branding with translations of the phrase into the official languages of the organization: Spanish and French.

The pinning ceremony symbolizes the student’s entry into the IB program experience. Once affixed to a student’s chest, it becomes a badge of honor and a testament to their academic dedication. While formal, the occasion is filled with a sense of togetherness and shared accomplishment.

Upon becoming seniors and graduating from high school, students who completed the program successfully attend the next step: the IB diploma ceremony. This is a pivotal event, as the attendees’ well-earned diplomas are presented to them in what is considered to be the ultimate recognition of effort by many. Despite the importance and prestige of the ceremony, Ms. Graham shared with The Talon that only 60% of invitees were in attendance: mostly due to many students being out-of-state, getting ready to begin their college journey.

The IB Academy at Ferguson is widely recognized as the most academically challenging pathway our institution has to offer. The pin given during the ceremony is more than a mere token—it is a symbol of commitment and a reminder of the collective responsibility of IB students to support one another, reflecting the demanding nature of the IB program that requires teamwork and mutual assistance.

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