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Class of 2019 takes on Zoo Miami

Nov 28, 2018
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Senior Picnic occurred on Friday, November 16, and was geared towards the seniors leaving the school. It created an opportunity for the seniors to make memories with their friends and have fun throughout the school day. This year, it was located at Zoo Miami.

“I enjoyed the location. Mainly because it was nicely decorated and it was enjoyable looking at the animals and walking around the scenery,” claimed Senior Juilanny Rodriguez. “And I personally found that senior picnic is important because it promotes students to participate and interact with each other, especially since there are many who are usually excluded out due to them believing that they don’t fit in.”

The day was filled with multiple activities for the seniors throughout the park and provided a variety of food for them to eat. This also included sightseeing throughout the zoo and a break from school stress.

“I enjoyed the location because I got to see a lot of animals and we ate well,” said Senior Melanie Morffie, commenting on what her friends and she did at senior picnic. “In the end, we took a lot of pictures.”

Though it was throughout the day, seniors state that the Senior Picnic only lasted for about four hours. “Although it was around three to four hours, it felt like fifteen minutes,” quoted Senior Lunixa Alvarez. “It’s something fun to do to at the start of senior year. It’s early on so that’s the good thing about the event.”

There were several activities around the park. Besides sightseeing and looking at the animals, there was a bouncy house and slides for the seniors to go on. The food consisted of a range of options like hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream.

Although seniors went, the teachers went along as well. “I think it’s extremely fun,” stated Morales, a math teacher here at John A. Ferguson. “Not necessarily halfway through the year but seniors can get away from their stress and take a break with their friends.”

The teachers were also there to supervise the trip, have fun, and support the seniors during the field trip. “I think it’s not about the teachers,” said Shanower, history teacher and coach of the girl’s volleyball team. “It’s about being there for the kids and making sure they have a good time.”

This opportunity lets seniors also have a break from school to take a moment with their friends as it is their last year of high school. Though it is their last year, they are trying to make the most of it with their friends before they move onto college and say their goodbyes.

“I had a great time and it was very fun actually,” said Chabely Quevedo. “My friends and I walked around the zoo’s trail and watched the animals in the zoo. Also, my friends and I took pictures of not just us, but the animals. We ate and just had a fun day overall. I believe that Senior Picnic is a good opportunity to have fun with friends while also being involved with a school activity during the day.”

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