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Ferguson Falcons Celebrate Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving is a time where families gather to be thankful for the blessing of the harvest and the previous year through a family dinner full of joy and peace. As students, it is a very special date for us because it allows us to share with our family members and rest from our studies for a considerable and deserved amount of time.

Here in Ferguson, students have taken their time to share the activities they will do during this holiday break and how they will celebrate their Thanksgiving. Senior Camila Peñaloza will take advantage of Thanksgiving to spend time with her family and travel to Orlando with them. “What I will enjoy the most will be my trip to Orlando due to the familiar warmth it provides,” Camila said in reference to her Thanksgiving plans.

Junior Brian Diaz says he will use the days off to travel to Honduras with his family and visit places he has not been able to see there. “I will take advantage of visiting historical places that I have not been able to see,” Brian said regarding his visit adding that “he would make the most of his time” because he usually does not have quality time with his family here.

Senior Angelin Soto said that what she is most looking forward to from this Thanksgiving is to be able to show off her new clothes that she will wear this November 28th at the family dinner she will organize with her family. “I’ll do what I’ve done since I arrived here, buy clothes and release it at the family dinner.” With which she also hopes to enjoy the days off to go out with her friends and get some rest from her job. “These are good times to rest and enjoy.” 

On the other hand, freshman Alexandra Rodriguez offered her opinion about Thanksgiving, expressing that it is a holiday for “eat delicious food and give the family time.” She said that the most important thing about Thanksgiving is that as students we can rest from the homework that teachers give us at school and that she as a freshman can prepare for the state exams that she will have to take in a few months, so she will use this Thanksgiving weekend to prepare herself and achieve her goals.

Ferguson students will take advantage of this Thanksgiving to share with their families, travel, study a little, and have quality time that they hope to enjoy in the best way possible with the people they are grateful for. Thanksgiving break marks the start of the most wonderful time of the year and we hope our Falcons make the most of it.

From The Talon Staff, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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