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Senior Breakfast: A Day to Remember

Ferguson’s Annual Senior Breakfast was an event to be remembered for our seniors. The breakfast was held at Rusty Pelican restaurant in Downtown Miami. Students were given the opportunity to choose their groups to sit with and ride in their assigned bus. They arrived at Rusty Pelican at 10 am.

The students attending sat in their assigned tables with their friends. Girls with their dresses and heels, while guys wore dress shirts and pants. Everyone was excited about this special event. They had a huge ballroom with a stage. Also, right outside there was a beautiful view of the boats and ocean.

After being seated, students were introduced to Ms. Rae-Schulze, the Senior Sponsor. She began with an introduction and told students what was going to happen next. Afterward, students went to the buffet outside and got a plate of food. The food ranged from eggs, bacon, croissants, fruits, muffins, french toast, and much more.

Once the students finished their meal, they began to play the “Senior Video”. This video was a collage of pictures that students sent it of their time at Ferguson. Some pictures captured the best moments and put smiles on the seniors as they watched their memories on the big screen.

“The breakfast wasn’t what I expected, but I had a really great time. I liked the slide show but I wished there was more time for pictures and talking with my friends,” said Senior, Alexandra Acencio.

When the video ended, it was time for the main entertainment event, which was a hypnotist. Everyone was looking forward to this and was really excited. The hypnotist started picking around 10-15 volunteers and began with a show. Then, he started making the students do the most insane things and they never stopped laughing as they watch their friends be hypnotized. It was a crazy sight to see.

“It was a crazy experience to me. I was picked to be hypnotized and it’s hard to explain. I had a great time at the breakfast and I will never forget the first time I got hypnotized. I felt really good after,” says Senior, Roxanna Perez.

“I had a great experience at the Senior Breakfast. I loved the food, especially the bacon. I laughed so hard at the show. Everyone was funny and hilarious. Overall, I had a really fun time with my friends and hope next year, the next class will have fun as I did,” says Senior, Kassandra Loriga.

The show lasted around 30-45 minutes. After that, Ms. Rae-Schulze came on stage and announced that the Superlatives were about to begin. The Senior Board went on stage and held the sashes. They called each category and its winner. Everyone applauded and cheered as their friends were being called. They all took a picture, and that summed up the breakfast.

Once everything was finished, this was the part everyone was waiting for. There was enough time left to step outside and take pictures near the ocean. Students ran outside and started taking pictures with their friends and by themselves.

“I loved Senior Breakfast and enjoyed time with everyone from our grade and just hanging out. I expected more food and more activities. The video was cute, but I would’ve liked more time to take pictures and maybe if they had a photo booth,” says Senior, Luisa Perez.

Senior, Chabeli Bermudez said, “I had so much fun and the food was good. I loved the show, but I thought the video was too long. I didn’t like how we barely had time to take the number of pictures we wanted.”

When students were done taking pictures that were to be posted on Instagram, it was time to head back to their assigned buses and return to school. Students arrived back at school at 2 pm and waited in the auditorium until the bell rang for dismissal.

Senior, Agustina Fernandez said, “I enjoyed my time with my friends at the breakfast. I liked spending time with my classmates and seeing everyone dressed up. I expected more music and more things to do. I liked the video and the show. I just wished we had more time!”

At the end of the day, even though everyone was tired and the ladies feet were killing them, the Seniors had a good time. Not every day you get to dress up and go to a nice restaurant with your high school friends. You must cherish these moments because once you graduate, who knows when you will see them again. This event will be something the Class of 2019 will always remember.

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