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Spirit Week: Do’s and Don’ts

Soaring into Ferguson is the long-awaited spirit week. A week where students can show their school spirit by dressing up based on the theme of the day. This year at Ferguson, the themes are Monday: Time Machine, Tuesday: Decades, Wednesday: Athlete v. Scholar, Thursday: Rapper v. Rocker, and Friday: Blackout day.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for Spirit Week.

Monday: Time Machine

Allowed:                                                                                 Not allowed: (Applies to all days)

-Skirts (Below knee length)                                        – See-through material

-House dresses (Below knee length)                          – Thighs showing

-Wigs                                                                          – Tights/Leggings

-Glasses                                                                      – Midriff

-Canes/Walkers                                                          – Shorts/Skirts/Dresses above the knee

-Robes (Appropriate clothing under)                         – Sweat Pants

-Onesies                                                                      – Opened toed shoes

-Diapers (Over Clothing)                                            -Spaghetti traps

-Pacifiers                                                                     -Profanity on clothing

Tuesday: Decades                                                     -No rips in clothing

Allowed:                                                                     – Masks


Parachute Pants


Fringe Clothing

Knee Length Skirts and Dresses

Jeans (No holes or rips)

Denim Jackets

Graphic Tees (No Profanity)

Wednesday: Athlete v. Scholar

-Bermuda shorts/cargo shorts (Knee length)




Thursday: Rapper v. Rocker




-Fake Tattoos

-Partial face paint

-Relevant T-shirts

-Fake piercings

Friday: Blackout Day

-Half painted face


-Appropriate graphic tees

-School spirit shirts

-Decorative Accessories







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