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Teaser Trailer for Frozen Sequel Revealed

Since its release in 2013, the Walt Disney animated movie Frozen has captured the hearts of millions. The movie seemed to blow up the moment it was released, Disney fans showing all sorts of love for the movie. For anyone who lived in the US during the Winter of 2013 and probably all of 2014, you know that even if you didn’t mean for it to happen, you somehow learned at least the chorus of the movie’s hit song “Let It Go” from how overplayed it was.

Now, the famous characters the world fell in love with are back for yet another adventure. On February 13th, Disney released the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to Frozen. Twitter ate it up immediately, many commenting on how dark the tone seemed, as well as new characters that appear in the nearly 2-minute teaser.

Disney has released Frozen related short films before this teaser was released, such as Frozen Fever (2015) and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017) which shows what has been going on in Elsa and Anna’s lives since the events that unfolded in the original movie. Unlike those films, Frozen 2 will be a full-length film, portraying a new adventure that will cause significant developments in the Frozen universe.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much about what the actual plot will be, but it does feature various clips of the main characters such as Kristoff, Olaf the snowman, Sven the reindeer, Princess Anna, and Queen Elsa. Two mysterious new characters are also featured in one of the clips shown in the trailer, leaving many speculating their roles in the film.

The teaser trailer starts with a dark scene of Elsa at the beach, staring at the ocean with determination in her eyes before running towards the water. She manages to walk on the water as it turns into solid ice when it makes contact with her bare feet. A wave drags her down to the ocean floor, and she goes to make a second attempt. This time, she swiftly goes through a wave and leaps onto a rock, but when she tries to run over a bigger wave by turning the surface into ice, the wave is stronger than expected and sinks her into the water. This scene seems to imply that since she accepted and gain control of her powers in the first movie, she has been testing out her abilities.

There’s also the clip of the two new characters that is causing a bit of conversation.  The two new characters appear to be a girl and a boy, the boy flying in the air along with some orange and red fallen leaves. Many believe this is meant to imply that Elsa is not the only person in Arendelle with supernatural abilities.

At the very end of the trailer, it’s revealed that the release date of the movie is expected to be in November 2019. Specifically, the movie will be out on November 22, 2019. It’s expected to do well in the box office too, considering the praise it already has with just the teaser trailer alone.

As for Ferguson students, many have their own opinions on the upcoming sequel, both positive and negative. Senior Alex Gonzalez shared that he loves the Frozen franchise and the trailer actually made him emotional. “I cried when the song started playing,” Alex said, also expressing excitement for the appearance of Anna with a new sword and the theory of Elsa possibly being LGBT+ in this next film.

“I didn’t really think the first movie really opened it up to a sequel, so when I saw the teaser for Frozen 2, I was sort of surprised.” Senior Vasti Gonzalez said, “[The teaser] was intriguing, because you don’t really know how it got to the point that they were in. I’m interested to know where it’s going.

Senior Melanie Pardo has a completely different opinion on Frozen 2, saying she has refused to watch it because she absolutely hates Frozen. “An ad for it popped up the other day and I clicked on the little X to close it and put that it was because I was uninterested,” Melanie said dryly.

Although reactions to its existence are mixed, there is no doubting that a lot of people have watched the teaser and have been talking about it. The official, full-length trailer is yet to be released, but considering that this teaser has already broken records for how many people have viewed it, the expectations for the trailer are fairly high.

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