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The Badminton Team Starts their Season

The Ferguson badminton team kicked off their season with an intriguing tri-match. The energy was lively as three different matches happened all at once around the court. Everyone was ready and excited for this big match!

“I enjoy it when you’re playing doubles, it’s a very team-heavy game, and I like talking a lot, it’s very much a sport where you talk to your teammate and if you’re not talking to them, you can just talk to the other people. There’s just a lot of sportsmanship in this sport,” stated senior, Kaitlyn Salvi-Cruz.

You could see the sportsmanship as both teams visibly enjoyed playing together. There were many laughs and smiles as the birdie flew across the net. But don’t get it twisted, there was a lot of skill shown throughout the whole game, which ended up coming in favor of Ferguson as they beat one of the two teams they went against. 

“It’s not a game of physical exertion but it’s rather a game of technique. Coach Lopez always says that it’s chess, not checkers because you’re constantly having to use technique and strategy,” explained senior, Evan Espino.

Their game was a strong start to the season and likely a reflection on how the season will continue. Although Coach Lopez states that, “this year is a rebuilding year,” the team will achieve great things based on the experience they’ve gotten so far.

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