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The First Beautification Day of the Year was a Success!

Sep 16, 2019
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Beautification Day at John A. Ferguson Senior High School was a success! The beautification process occurred on September 7th, 2019 from 8 AM until 1 PM. This successful event was a way to help students and to help the school to get a mini makeover.

Not only was the event emotionally rewarding, but it was also helpful for some that needed the community service hours. “We had to bring plants and you could bring as many as you want for ten extra hours. You received hours for bringing plants,” said junior Ariana Sanchez, a participant of the Beautification Day. Students needed to bring a Codiaeum Croton and/or a Schefflera Trinette. These are both plants they then planted around the school as part of the beautification process. They made sure to bring as many plants as they could since they received ten extra hours for each plant they brought. 

There were many different ways students were informed on the event, whether it was through the Ferguson website or social media. SGA posted about the occasion on their Instagram (@fergusonsga) for all Ferguson students to see. Once students found out about Beautification Day, they were hooked! “It was a nice experience you got to meet a lot of new people and work together,” said junior Ariana Sanchez while talking about the event. This brought a lot of peace and happiness to the school now that they have revamped it with new greenery. The students spent the day planting the plants they brought for beautification. They dug up the dead plants and replaced them with the brilliant, newer plants that they had all brought. 

Together, all the participating students made the school even more beautiful. Everyone had a great time and got rewarded for their hard-working by earning more community service hours and making new friendships. Hopefully, this event will be repeated in the future, giving this incredible opportunity to even more Ferguson Falcons.

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