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The Grinch

The newest version of the Grinch came out on Friday, November 9th, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of the iconic title character. This movie, however, had very little in common with the 2000 production of the Grinch starring Jim Carrey. It is this which left many disappointed with the latest film.

Jim Carrey’s version of the Grinch is a sour, vile, and overall mean character, which makes Cumberbatch’s version is too overly-affectionate and polite in comparison. It did capture the bad attitude of the Mr. Grinch we all know and love. This made it seem like the writers were aiming to make Benedict Cumberbatch’s character more likable and kid-friendly than Jim Carrey’s, and to make the target audience significantly young.

With that, the film mostly focused on Max and Mr. Grinch’s relationship. The new characterization of the Grinch being an orphan seemed slightly forced and offbeat but managed to come through in the end and make sense.

The original music we all grew up with one could say matched the newer and modern style of the film, besides the fact that it was played when he was getting ready, rather than when he was stealing presents. If you think this new version might be special it, unfortunately, was not. It lacked the Grinch feel and Christmas spirit that made previous renditions so successful.

Overall, this film was more suitable for a younger audience but did not provide the nostalgia the more mature viewers were hoping for. This latest version is a safe film for families to go see, modernized, and updated for a new generation.

It remains a classic comedy but it does not differ from other Illumination Entertainment animated comedies. This film should not have a problem charming and making children giggle, the overall message of the movie should encourage children that being nice can take you to great places in life.

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