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The New Ferguson Esports Team

On December 3rd, 2021, the newly minted John A Ferguson esports team had their debut outing against G. Holmes Braddock in the “Buccaneers’ esports invitational”, which was an event where groups of hand-picked players competed to set their program above the rest.

After a greeting by the hosts, preparations began for the League of Legends game, both
Ferguson and Braddock spent their time finalizing their strategies and picking the right abilities and equipment for the match. The arena was what is known as a “three-lane-map” with only three main areas to attack, whilst also having dense foliage and smaller paths sprinkled around the battlefield.

It was not long until both teams made it on the field, and the players on Ferguson’s side came with a game plan picking characters best suited for offensive tactics and overall aggressive play whilst Braddock’s players had a more balanced character choice, with defensive and offensive picks.

The first 15 minutes of the match can be summed up as an intense stare-down between the
teams. Both of them stayed inside their respective zones and prioritized strengthening their characters by eliminating minions rather than the actual opposition, but this war of attrition wouldn’t last long.

On the other side of the battlefield, away from the ensuing chaos, remained two players dueling with one another, though this confrontation did not find a resolution and both players retreated, it proved vital as it reminded both teams of the flanks and counterattacks that were available to execute.

It wasn’t long until what was an organized battle turned into a disorganized mess of smaller conflicts all over the battlefield.
Ferguson was losing their advantage they had in the beginning. It seemed all but lost, but one more push by Ferguson cemented their place on the field, and the battle with Braddock was over.

Despite some strategic oversights and a rough start, Ferguson still managed to turn the tide and take the win, cementing their new E-Sports roster as a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

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