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Tips for Lazy Seniors by a Senior Who Waited Too Long

It may seem that senior year is a long time from now but in reality, it’s right around the corner. Before you know it, it will be senior year and you will have no clue what to do…

Here are some suggestions for your senior year: 

  1. Do your community service hours early.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it can easily be overlooked. Go volunteer, even if they seem not so worth it, they will add up and you will be done with your hours in no time. The sooner the better. Plus, they’re a graduation requirement here at Ferguson and necessary if you’d like to become an Academy Completer. 

  1. Study for the SAT/ACT and get your waiver!

Don’t be afraid to take the exams, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get your target score the first time around. Take it as many times as you want. Many students only take the SAT when you can also do the ACT to send to colleges. If you don’t do well with the SAT test structure, consider taking the ACT. Both exams are accepted by colleges and there is no preference for one over the other at most schools. With that in mind, take both and see which is best for you.

If you have free or reduced lunch, you qualify for fee waivers! This means you can take both exams twice for free. Don’t fall for the myth that your scores are averaged after the first two attempts. In fact, Superscore applies until you no longer want to take the SAT or ACT.


  1. Applying to college can be stressful…get a head start!

Students tend to procrastinate on their college apps and end up writing them one or two hours before the deadline, pulling an all-nighter and some missing school so they can have more time. Try to start at least two weeks before deadline so you don’t end up exhausted. If you’re an overachiever, Common App releases their prompts for their essays in the spring prior to application season. With the Common App this process should be easier and faster helping with every step. 

  1. Clubs, extracurriculars, and cord culture.

Join as many clubs that interest you as you can, you may find out something new about yourself, and chances are each club will have more than one field trip. Definitely a way to get out of school without having an unexcused absence.

On college applications, clubs look great since they show that you have social skills, school spirit, and are pursuing your interests. However, with this in mind, the real reason why so many people join clubs last minute is for cords. These cords make you look scholarly when going down to get your diploma presenting your participation in your high school years.

  1. Senioritis is a disease, get well soon.

Don’t think because you have been accepted to your college you don’t have to maintain your grades. They ask for your transcripts again at the end to make sure you are the right student for their institution. In addition, try to be on top of your assignments so your grades don’t become affected. Plus, chances are you will be missing a bunch of school days due to all of the senior activities, field trips, on top of your homework and extracurriculars and it can really add up, so don’t forget to ask what you have missed.

Don’t let senioritis get to you.

  1. Show some Falcon Spirit!

As a senior you will have many events such as Senior Breakfast, Senior Picnic, Prom, Grad Bash, and Senior Spirit Week. Remember this only happens once in your life, you may regret not going later.

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