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Welcoming our New Falcon!

Sep 04, 2018
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We welcome our newest Falcon as our next Assistant Principal. Samuel Louis came to John A. Ferguson with high hopes, ready for the new 2018-2019 school year to begin. We were all new in Ferguson at some point, nervous and not knowing what to expect. For most newbies, the first day included being lost around the halls, figuring out which is the 10th  building or which is the 12th, and slowly becoming more confident knowing your ways around the school. Mr. Louis has much in store, especially being an AP.

    “This is very different to what I’m accustomed to in terms of school size, I was an Assistant Principal at an Elementary School,” said Louis, “At Ferguson, we have about five times as many students. Being an administrator already for four years, I come with a lot of knowledge about how to run a school and things of that nature. So, that transition has been a little more seamless for me. My major focus is learning high school procedures and activities.”

    Mr. Louis’s fifth year of being an Assistant Principal has taught him many things. For example, working with others, helping parents, learning how to be involved and being a good role model to the students who are going to be the future of this generation. Mr. Louis was encouraged to fill the new spot of Assistance Principal after hearing amazing things about it. In 2004, he started in the education industry, in total making this his 14th year.

“I’m a worker so I expect students to work. If there’s anything I could help them with, I do have a strong background in math, science, and social studies. At the end of the day, I just want people to do what they need to do so they can be successful,” Louis said.

    The first day of school for Mr. Louis was interesting, watching so many people come to school and the chaos of everyone trying to find their friends and what classes they got. It was overwhelming since he came from an elementary school, but he got through it and it wasn’t as bad as he thought. “I bring a background of technology, fairness, and respect to the job.” He is all about the students and wanting to help in every way possible and wants every student to succeed and once you leave Ferguson as a graduate, to be the greatest you can be.

What Louis enjoys so much about this job is being able to work with people and impact lives as well as build relationships more than you can with other jobs. Also, he can be himself and people understand who he is as a person.

“Lots and lots of paperwork is the toughest thing about this job!” Louis said.

Coming into a huge school such as Ferguson can be a lot of pressure, but he strives to do the best that he can and help in any possible way. He wants to keep inspiring people to do great in their education and to spread more positivity. Mr. Louis’s goals are to fully understand the ins and outs of high school.

“For my long-term goal, I would like to be the principal of the school,” Louis said, “Anything you need I am here to help, I am a worker. I am a real person, you can come talk to me about anything.”

    As we continue the rest of the school year, we can see Mr. Louis as a new helper to guide us in a new successful path. Don’t hesitate to ask any teacher or administrator about anything because that’s why they are there. They aim to teach us how to do the right thing and to help us with anything we need, whether it’s school related or not. They are here to prepare us for the future and how to live in the real world once you’re done with high school because it does go by fast. Mr. Louis is very excited about his first year in Ferguson and can’t wait to see what else this new year brings!

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