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Ferguson’s Art Club – Transforming the School Hallways into Beautiful Portraits

Dec 16, 2022
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One of the most well-versed and passionate clubs in the school is the Art Club, and that dedication to their craft can be seen in their distributed artistic pieces throughout the school.

The Art Club is open to students of all grade levels who are interested in and talented in the visual arts. It is a talent based club, which means you can only get in by auditions, but once one is in, It is a place where people can explore and express their artistic abilities with others who share their passion for art. Students present personal artwork and talk about portfolio preparation for college and art careers. They use their artistic abilities to raise funds for art supplies and field trips.

The art walk in the 100’s hallway showcases the club’s most significant work. 

“We meet every Wednesday after school from 2:30-3:30 and divide into different groups, with each group working on different projects like painting the murals, classroom walls, wooden stools, or other pieces that come along,” Vice President Kesley Echaguarria shared. This club gets to leave their own personal mark on the school, and all of the other Ferguson students are in awe of their work.

The Art Club is planning a trip to Wynwood to see various artists and their work. This will help them learn more about art, their own style, and what they will be able to draw in the future. They usually go to Art Basel, but this year they were unable to attend.

This club is innovative, but it’s also welcoming, and the members clearly love being involved.

 “The community is unquestionably my favorite aspect of the club. Our sponsor, board, and everyone involved in the club are all extremely nice people, and it’s been an incredible experience getting to know each of them and making some new friends,” Echaguarria said. 

This club not only has amazing members, but it also helps you make an impact in your school. “I love the thrill of finishing an art project on which many of us have spent hours collaborating as a team, leaving our own personal marks on the school,” President Paola Arraut commented.

This is one of the most influential clubs at this school. They help to keep our school looking nice and creative. They also work hard to keep the murals around the school in good condition throughout the year.

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