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Hot Take: Valentine’s Day is Overrated

Feb 14, 2020
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That’s right you read the title correctly: Valentine’s Day is overrated. This made-up holiday is pointless. The day that is meant to express love for your significant other is a façade and has been completely blown out of proportion.

Why do you need one day out of the year to express love to someone?  This may sound like a shocking concept, but you can do this any other day of the year. One thing that also grinds my gears about Valentine’s Day is how people are always going to forget to get a gift. No matter what, people will always procrastinate until the day of then they scramble to buy flowers from anyone smart enough to take advantage of the desperate shoppers by charging inflated rates.

Switching gears now to the last thing that makes me mad about Valentine’s Day and how it’s overrated: most people end up feeling left out and are alone for the holiday. It puts pressure on people to find someone to be with, if not, they are seen as a “loser” and for what? To celebrate a fake holiday? I don’t think so.

This Valentine’s Day, remind your loved ones what they mean to you and not just today, but every day.

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