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Lady Falcons Reflect On Exceptional Season

The Lady Falcons have officially wrapped up their season with a mix of emotions, reflecting on a year filled with triumphs, challenges, and unforgettable moments on the soccer field. Ending with a record of 7-10-2 overall, the team thinks positively back on their performances. 

Despite being faced with a disadvantage at the beginning of their season, the girls were hungry to win. 

“The most memorable game we played this year was our first game together. We played Coral Gables.”  says Daniela Nieto, co-captain and midfielder. “It was a surprise how well we all played together as a team, considering we had no chemistry.” 

With the aid of teamwork and determination, the girls were able to flip the script and earn their win, kicking off the season with an unforgettable match. This game, like the many others that followed, showed the team’s unwavering resolution in the face of adversity. Whether battling injuries, tough opponents, or unfavorable weather conditions, the players remained focused and committed to giving their all on the field.

Standout performances were aplenty throughout the season, with several players consistently stepping up to lead the team. From stellar defensive plays to clutch goals, each member of the team played an integral role in their success. One particularly memorable moment was the team’s thrilling victory against a long-standing rival the Braddock Bulldogs. 

“A standout moment in the season was the clashes against Braddock, where the team showcased its true potential. The match, marked by high scores and exceptional teamwork, highlighted the newfound identity and resilience of this young but formidable team,” Head Coach, Jonathan Howell, recalls.

Off the field, the camaraderie and bonds forged among teammates were just as important as the results on the scoreboard. Through shared experiences, laughter, and support, the girls formed lifelong friendships that transcended the game itself. The Lady Falcons were faced with their most difficult obstacle at Senior Night, where the team bid an emotional farewell to the hardworking seniors that structure the team. Surrounded by their loved ones, the night proved to be a bittersweet memory for the girls. 

“We had ups and downs this season but overall, it was a good season to end my high school years.” Senior co-captain, Mariantoni Amaya, reflects. “I made a lot of memories bonding with the team, such as West Kendall Clasico for the girl’s team, or beating some of our rivals, and overall playing against teams out of our district like downtown Doral and Goleman, keeping up a good fight and keeping up the level.”

As the season ends, the team looks back with pride on their accomplishments and with gratitude for the unwavering support of their coaches, families, and fans. Though the journey may have had its challenges, the lessons learned, and memories made will last a lifetime. With a closing chapter comes a new one, so we can only expect greatness out of our girls’ soccer team for next year’s season. 

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