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Our Boys’ Soccer Journey Throughout the Season

In a season filled with excitement and determination, our boys’ soccer team concluded their journey with a record of 5 wins, 6 losses, and 4 ties. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout the season, the team showcased resilience and teamwork on the field, earning much deserved commendation. 

Senior Co-Captain, right back, and center back, David Leal says, “Most memorable moments were winning the West Kendall Regional and celebrating that with the team, after beating Varela we went on a winning streak. It started to feel like we were playing like the team we were supposed to be. We finished the season decently and worked hard throughout.” 

Throughout the season, they’ve demonstrated skill and dedication, each match offering new opportunities for growth and development. Whether battling fierce rivals or overcoming adversity, the team’s commitment to excellence never wavered, setting a standard of sportsmanship and perseverance. 

As the season ends, the team leaves an indelible legacy, inspiring future seasons of greatness. Proudly taking home the trophies and more than happy to represent our school. Co-Captain and Senior Striker, Anthony Roman states, “My biggest highlight of the year was celebrating every win and every accomplishment we had as a team. This year has been nothing but memorable moments that I will carry on for the rest of my life, #9 out!” 

Key highlights of the season included thrilling victories over opponents like Felix Varela, Braddock, Goleman, etc. Showcasing the team’s talent and strategic prowess. It was especially sweet to have the penalty shootout against Varela and win the West Kendall Classic that we had previously lost in past years. 

However, the season also presented its share of challenges, with tough losses serving as valuable learning experiences for the players. In defeat, the team remained undeterred, using setbacks as motivation to strive for improvement and unity. 

“My biggest highlight of the year was picking up from a bad start of the season and making it all the way to three districts finals, whether people had faith in us or not we put in the work. Lifting the Varela trophy was a big moment this season,” Senior Right Back, Javier Tiffer says. Quite the memorable moment, it was for our Falcons to win the Semi-Finals against Palmetto. Securing that win had the team feeling quite proud and feeling ready to head to districts. With each match arriving at districts, the team elevated their game, drawing on months of training to overcome any obstacle in their path. 

With many victories came losses that were learning lessons and made the boys work harder towards their goals and training. Senior Night is an event where senior athletes are celebrated by loved ones, coaches, and underclass players through various displays of strategies, teamwork, and individual spotlights.

As the final whistle blew on the season, the Ferguson boys walked away with their heads held high, proud of their many achievements. With a solid foundation in place and a bright future ahead, the team looks forward to the continuance of their journey towards excellence, both on and off the field.

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