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Ferguson’s Own ‘Catalyzt’ Launches its Debut Single: “Green Eyed Monster”

When Anthony Rabelo, Sean Gagliardo, and Dylan Heredia first met in middle school back in 2019, they had no idea just how much their friendship would blossom into something extraordinary. Along the way, they welcomed Marcelo Umbaril, their cherished drummer, whom they fondly refer to as their “guardian angel” for his timely arrival when they needed him most. It’s a rare tale of a band deeply rooted in friendship, starting their journey early on with youthful passion and a clear vision for their musical aspirations.
Catalyzt, an alternative/pop-punk band, has honed their talent through relentless practice and the essential task of building trust amongst themselves. Their hard work culminated in the creation of their debut single, “Green Eyed Monster,” now proudly streaming on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music, steadily garnering a growing fan base each day.

Influenced by the likes of Blink-182, Green Day, and My Chemical Romance, they describe their name as a homage to their collective adoration for the 2000s rock era. “The name ‘Catalyzt’ is really kind of a metaphor for us. We really are just an amalgamation of musical taste and ingenuity”, Sean Gagliardo shares.
In their quest to stand out and carve their own path in the music industry, they’ve seized every opportunity to perform, ensuring each show is memorable and distinct. Their goal is to blend their favorite genres into their own unique sound. With each performance, they’ve received more invitations to play in various venues, describing this sudden surge in attention as “unexpected yet deeply gratifying.”
The band’s success isn’t just about releasing music or gaining popularity; rather it’s also about the pure joy they experience on stage and the connection they forge with their audience. Whether playing to a small crowd or a large audience, they pour their hearts into every performance, fueled by the exhilaration of sharing their music with others. As Anthony Rabelo puts it, “Seeing people dance, sing, and go haywire for our music makes me feel accomplished that what we are doing is really paying off.”
Beyond their musical achievements, Catalyzt has become an integral part of their community, inspiring others to pursue their dreams fearlessly. From their humble beginnings in middle school, to their current success, they continue to evolve as a band, with boundless potential ahead.
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