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Upcoming September Movies and Shows

Many film production companies have been hard at work for years, busy making invigorating new movies, shows, and long-awaited sequels. While this year has been filled with a surplus of movie and show announcements, September is definitely one to take note of. This month has brought a multitude of new content to watch with our families and friends. 

No matter whether you prefer watching movies in theaters or streaming services, there is something for everyone. The lists below show the multiple different movies, shows, and sequels being released and their upcoming release dates for this month. 

Released movies: 

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – September 8th, 2023 
  • The Inventor – September 15th, 2023 
  • A Haunting in Venice – September 15th, 2023 

Movies to be released: 

  • It Lives Inside – September 22nd, 2023 
  • The Retirement Plan – September 29th, 2023 
  • The Creator – September 29th, 2023 
  • The Kill Room – September 29th, 2023 
  • She Came to Me – September 29th, 2023 


  • The Equalizer 3 – September 1st, 2023 
  • The Nun II – September 8th, 2023 
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 – September 8th, 2023 
  • Saw X – September 29th, 2023 
  • Expendables – September 22nd, 2023 
  • PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie – September 29th, 2023 

New Shows: 

  • The Continental: Season 1 (Peacock) – September 22nd, 2023 
  • Gen V: Season 1 (Prime Video) – September 29th, 2023 
  • Castlevania: Nocturne: Season 1 (Netflix) – September 22nd, 2023 
  • The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: Season 1 (AMC) – September 10th, 2023 
  • Neighbors: A New Chapter: Season 1 (Prime Video) – September 18th, 2023 


  • The Wheel of Time: Season 2 (Prime Video) – September 1st, 2023 
  • The Crown: Season 6 (Netflix) – Fall of 2023 

This month has brought something for everyone regardless of age, interests, and everything in between. With new movies that are fresh and new and sequels that bring nostalgia, September is definitely a month to be spent in theaters and on streaming services.

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