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Walking for a Better Tomorrow

The month of October was dedicated to the raising of awareness of breast cancer and for organizations to join together in the effort to raise enough funds to not only find a breakthrough in cancer research, but to aid struggling families in hospital treatment payments. The Ferguson falcons carried out several events in the light of this month and to contribute to this beautiful purpose.

This tradition has become an annual occurrence in several countries, dating back to 1985, in which several sponsors decided to come together to inform the general public about how prominent this frightening illness is and encourage those qualified to take action and contribute to narrowing down the nature of this uncontrollable development.

One effort that aligns with these same goals was the recent breast cancer walk known as, “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.” To spread the word, John A. Ferguson participated by hosting our own walk, in which students purchased pink shirts sporting the hashtag, “JAFCares.” Wearing those same shirts, students went out onto the school track and walked for a mile in support of those still battling and honor those who have passed.

“Since many people are aware of this cause and are willing to partake in this awareness walk, it was really good to know that it was greatly appreciated,” said senior Leslie Gonzalez, who attended the walk this year. 

Many students attended the event last year and were drawn back to the walk this year in hopes of continuing to make a difference. “I wanted to attend the Breast Cancer Walk this year because I genuinely loved the school community involvement from last year,” shared senior Kelsey Echagarrua.

The pink shirts from the walk originated from a separate awareness event called, “Pink Out Day,” which Ferguson hosted as well. All the money received by those who purchased the shirts was donated directly for cancer charities. 

As we dedicate this month to those who have or are enduring the struggles involved with cancer treatment, we would like to honor the immeasurable strength of these individuals, and ensure that while it may seem impossible at times, the community is here to offer our encouragement and share that it is beatable! Through the efforts of breast cancer month, more and more people have been conscious about the presence of this disease, and hopefully in time and with enough numbers, there will be a better future for people without the worry of being subjected to such hardship.

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