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The School Year’s First Pep Rally!

The walk to the gym is quiet, yet you could hear the band’s drums in the distance. Soon the banging is in full blast and you see the band in position, surrounding the color guard dancing in synchronized motions. People flood into the gym, and loud music blares as the cheerleaders and fusion dancers move to the beat. Everyone gets into their seats, and you hear the MC’s voice booming across the speakers. Now, you know the first pep rally of the school year has begun.

As always, our Alma Mater is sung in unison. Our first MC, Brandon Salgado, starts us off by welcoming the marching band into the gym. With a jaw-dropping drum solo, the band comes marching in. The color guard, following right behind, take center stage and jump right into their routine along with the lively music of trumpets and drums.

“It was pretty cool, I didn’t expect it to be so loud and to be playing for so long, but we did it.” Marching Band member, freshman Naomi Zahid said.

Once they finished their routine, The MCs, Kevin Candeau and Brandon were welcomed back onto the stage with blasting sirens. Candeau was a little nervous, with this being his first time on the mic.

“I could have done better. I was nervous. If anything the things that I would fix are my timing, and I may have to count better,” Brandon said, “I did it last year. It was fun, the same thing [as this year].” He was already an expert, and acted like it too, pumping the crowd up and even trying to get the teachers involved at one point in the second pep rally.

Brandon and Kevin start by announcing the fall sports teams. The women’s volleyball team was up first, the team hurtling a flurry of volleyballs at Salgado. Next was the swim team, then cross country as the Falcon mascot joins in each of the huddles.

To the brim with excitement, the Falcon cheerleaders come onto the stage with impressive flips and turns.  In due course, their incredible dance routine starts. Their mesmerizing handsprings and flying send the crowd of students raving. Over all too soon, the cheerleaders run off the stage and now it’s our MCs’ turn to shine. Kevin introduces the bowling team, and Brandon starts going toward the Junior/Senior side, riling the crowd up with the roller coaster game, then seeing if the Sophomore/Freshman side could do better. Finally, entered the Football team. Jumping along with their whoops and chants.

The moment we’ve been waiting for finally arrives, and the Fusion dancers come in, bold and radiant. Their dance begins with a bang and keeps going with amazing energy and vigor. It’s no surprise when the mass of students cheers deafeningly. Salgado then gets every student yelling when he shouts their grade. Eventually, the upper-class students chant their famous phrase, “Go Home Freshman!”

Now the games begin! One group of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors each compete in an obstacle course against each other. Although lagging in the first round, the Seniors win in the end. One freshman competing commented, “So far the pep rally is pretty good. They never really had any pep rallies in middle school, so this is new.”  Another 9th grader, Aris Arjona says, “It was fun, it was great, it was super hype. I loved it.”

To finish it off, Principal Villalobos comes in to build up even more school spirit before we leave for the day. The crowd spells out Falcons with thunderous cheering. He sends us off with a good day, and the speakers blare with reggaetón as the students leave the bleachers with school spirit in their souls

The first pep rally could definitely be called a success. It sets our new school year right, and gives us a reminder of where we are: John A. Ferguson Senior High School, where no goal is too high where Falcons fly!

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