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Behind the Scenes: Ferguson’s New Renovations

As Ferguson’s staff and students settle back into the academic year, it is easy to recognize that Ferguson’s has undergone recent transformations in its appearance. The introduction of new murals, updates to cafeteria tables and chairs, revamped building labels, and vibrant banners surprised returning Falcons by adorning the campus.

These adjustments can be thanked for by our very own Principal Barnett, who believes that entering a school that looks and feels welcoming instills a sense of pride and a desire to excel.

Before Ms. Barnett’s arrival at Ferguson, the school had recently undergone a rebranding effort that encompassed changes to the logo and the exterior of the building. She took these changes as a foundation and expanded upon them, leveraging the existing designs to further enhance and develop the school’s aesthetic.

The Dash Academy collaborated closely with Ms. Betancourt and several students involved in marketing team activities through the athletics department to design the attendance office. They contributed to branding, logos, and the annual theme, creating posters and wall designs, including murals.

“I take great pride in the school’s expanding beauty. I see this school as my home, and just like my home, I take immense pride in it.” Ms. Barnett expressed cheerfully. “I spend a significant amount of my time at Ferguson, and being a falcon is an integral part of my identity. I am defined by this school, our motto, our vision, and our core values.”

Ms. Barnett aspires to create a college campus-like atmosphere within the school, exemplified by the cafeteria’s newly installed tables and chairs. She envisions a more collaborative space, fostering interaction among students, rather than a rigid, single-file seating arrangement. Creating a conducive environment for everyone to engage is a priority.

She eagerly anticipates alumni returning to pay homage to the school that played a significant role in shaping their lives. They can reminisce about the school’s past while appreciating the positive changes that have occurred and will continue to be upheld.

“A pretty and clean school makes productive students and productive staff. If you feel good, you are more likely to produce and be happy!” She adds.

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