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Club Rush: The Unity of Ferguson

Are you starving for more extracurricular activities this year? Club Rush has you covered! On Wednesday, September 13 during lunch, students had access to join the many clubs here at Ferguson and talk to their club presidents to learn more about them. There is a club for any interest; from the arts to environmental awareness to archery. There are numerous opportunities to create new experiences in these clubs.

On that day, clubs showcased themselves with eye-catching posters and booths. Subsequently, students approached the clubs they were interested in and inquired about their activities and concerns related to the club. They walked around offering flyers with information about their club. They also offered candy in exchange for asking about the club or taking part in an activity they set up. For example, the Police Explorers Club put up a big sign on the wall that said, “Push-Ups for Donuts.” There were lots of people crowding the booth, asking questions, doing push-ups, and eating donuts!

The clubs offered here allow every student to find something they are interested in. In the Psychology Club, students take part in very social activities to understand what others feel. The club president, Mr. Sierra, said, “One of our main events is the Alzheimer’s event, which educates people who have a family member with Alzheimer’s on what to do. These are things you wouldn’t learn in the classroom.” The club provides students with experiences beyond what their everyday classes offer.

Clubs attract students for various reasons, including the skills they will learn there. According to the President of FBLA, “Joining our club brings out more information to grasp and gives students the much-needed experience they would need for real-world careers.” Participation in these clubs could help students perform better in their future careers!

Club Rush was a tremendous success this year. Loads of students roamed around asking to join clubs and learn more about them. This event made our campus realize that there are numerous extracurricular activities to get involved in. There’s every reason to join a club and make the most of your high school experience!

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