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Mitski Drops Long-Awaited Introspective Album

Mitsuki Miyawaki, also known as Mitski, is a singer and songwriter who lyricizes topics of broken romance, sadness, depression, anxiety, and surviving the world through her struggles. She became famous in 2015 when she signed a label with Dead Oceans and released “Puberty 2” in 2016. Her music has been a place of comfort and resonance for many people, so her new album drop has sparked excitement and curiosity. From her deep lyrics to the orchestration of the sounds, her music dives into a complexity beyond comprehension. 

“The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We” have 11 tracks and are timed to be 32 minutes long in total. Mitski is known for her fan base’s appreciation for free therapy as many people relate to her heartfelt songs. This new album is different from her previous ones, though, because she uncovers more of herself, strikes personal chords, and plays impassioned melodies that could bring anyone to tears. 

The power and depth of her music is enchanting and holds remarkable beauty. Every song was a story, a place, and an adventure with colorful and dark undertones that are gut wrenching to explore. 

“Bug Like An Angel” was Mitski’s first song in this album. It was a sad song about alcoholism, it felt resigned but accepting of her hardship with a heavy heart. There were religious themes relating to good and evil, heaven and hell, God and Satan, and even the tune is melancholy. 

“Buffalo Replaced” felt like the inside of her mind reflecting and being observant about the elements of life around her. The composition conveys that theme with a “moving forward” outlook. 

“Heaven” communicates the longing for something when the lyrics discuss the themes of love and transcendence, the violin in the end further represents the desire for something. 

“I Don’t Like My Mind” speaks of sadness, shame, and hating being left alone in a room with her thoughts because of her regret. She talks about making mistakes on top of mistakes. The entire song has a sad jingle, but it is emphasized when she bellows an exasperated and loud pitch and when funeral piano music plays at the end. 

“The Deal” is suicidal, sad, and surveys depressing themes, the chorus is loud and emphasizes how she can’t bear to keep her life. We see more religious themes by her expecting a reply to her longing for death by a greater power. The carol is frustrated, messy, and loud, which depicts Mitski’s depressed mind and life. 

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